Handbag SA Has Left my Favorite Store

  1. Mods, feel free to put this wherever.

    I went into my favorite store yesterday and my SA who had been there 10 years is gone!

    Oh My.

    I made sure the department manager had my name in her book.

    I liked the SA that was gone because she would pull stuff for me and also give me the heads up on items being placed in the sale bin.

    I work 4-12 so my SA would call me so I could get there in the morning and buy what I wanted. I never took advantage of her but I liked the notices about Chloe and Coach bags going on sale.
  2. Awww, did you find out what happened? Did she quit, move to another store? Will you be able to contact her? Let us know!:yes:
  3. When I talked to the manager, I got the impression that she did not leave under her terms. I didn't want to push it. Maybe she saved her contacts & will call me if she goes to another store.
  4. i'm sorry to hear that. i would be bummed if my favorite mj sa left. i have such a good relationship with her. she knows the styles i like, would always let me know when the new bags were in or to tip me off regarding sales and special events. it takes a lot of time to cultivate that kind of rapport. hopefully, your sa get another position elsewhere and you can get in contact with her again. do you have her email by any chance? perhaps you could drop her a note?