Handbag Repair for my Marc Jacobs.. Help!!


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Dec 13, 2006
Perhaps you can exchange it for a new one? I had a metal charm break on a Gucci tote and I was able to send it back for a repair. Since it was a metal piece and soldering it would look horrible, Gucci send me a brand new one :smile:
One of the brass buckles on my Marc Jacobs Quilted Small Stam broke off. (I dropped it on the floor.) The bag is pictured below. (I have it in black.) I am so upset. Any ideas on how to repair it? I live in New York City and I took it to a handbag repair shop and they said there's nothing they can do. HELP!!


Can't see any picture.
Marc Jacobs boutiques have replacement parts, they sometimes don't charge fees for them; some of them can just be replaced in the stores. In the case where they don't have the needed parts, they will send the item out for repair.

Please note that I can only share with you what I know & my experience with my SA since I buy my bags from her store. I am not sure if other boutiques would offer the same service if your item was purchased elsewhere, just call your local Marc Jacobs boutique and inquire. Good luck. =)