Handbag recommendations (around $2500)

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  1. Hi ladies & gents!

    Every year, I buy myself a bag. Budget usually depends on things going on (traveling plans, etc) so this year, it's about $2500 (CAD).

    I'm hoping you can recommend some handbags!

    Use: everyday, more casual - small to medium in size. I don't carry a lot - usually a wallet/card holder, phone, lipstick, keys... sometimes an umbrella :smile:

    My style: Mostly black, structured lines (lots of white button downs), silk blouses, a million pairs of black skinny pants in various textures (leather, denim, etc). Shoes - usually black or white sneakers, neutral heels. I wear minimalist gold jewelry mostly. I'm 5'5''. I'm in my early thirties, don't really go out all too often.

    Must be cross body.

    Current collection:
    - Miu Miu madras structured tote (grey)
    - Proenza Schouler PS11 in Saffron medium
    - Miu Miu matelasse clutch (black)
    - Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag in grey
    - Dior promenade pouch in black lambskin with champagne chain
    - Chloe medium Paraty (black)

    Bags I'm leaning towards:
    - Givenchy Pandora in small or medium - probably smooth black
    - Saint Laurent baby SDJ

    I want something pretty classic. I thought about the Chloe Faye, but I think that might be too trendy for me.

    Hoping you guys can help!!
  2. Alma BB or Gucci Soho Disco sound like they would work for you. I don't think the Givenchy is cross body, just shoulder.
  3. Mansur Gavriel Lady bag?
  4. I love the medium pandora (have 2!) and I'd certainly recommend it as a casual go anywhere bag, but, unless you're quite petite, it rides high worn cross body. Doable but not great IMO. A plus point though is that the short handle fits very comfortably on my shoulder, and stays put without any effort. Goat (sugar) leather is gorgeous.
  5. Ooooh... the Alma! I didn't even consider that... I'm going to pay a visit to LV this weekend ;)
  6. The SDJ sounds like it would go very nicely with your clothing style.
  7. What about med/large Chanel flap...preloved.
  8. Would you consider a Celine mini belt. This may be just a tad bigger than your needs however, it will fit the umbrella when u need it. You can wear on your shoulder or on your arm. It's the right price point.
  9. I also like the SDJ baby and LV Alma bb in epi noir. Have you seen the LV Cluny BB?
  10. I love the Cluny BB, I have it in black epi leather and really enjoy it (picture from LV)!

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  11. I think a black Epi Cluny or Alma sound perfect for OP's style :tup:

    I think the SDJ sounds like a good choice too
  12. Fendi. You could get a mini peekaboo or by the way bag or a jour bag

  13. Cluny BB is a really nice option
  14. Thanks guys!! So many more bags that I hadn't considered... The LV Cluny is gooorgeous! Dare I say top of my list now?
  15. I am the same height as you and don't have any problem wearing my Pandora medium crossbody. I have the smooth leather as well and it's my favorite bag. After 3 years of wear it still looks brand new.