handbag raffle-- all proceeds go to charity?

  1. I was thinking about this after seeing something similar online. The red cross and similar organizations definitely need all the donations they can get, especially in light of the recent earthquake.

    What do you ladies think about organizing a handbag raffle? we wouldn't be raffling a super expensive bag-- ranging from $50 to $200-- and 'tickets' could cost maybe $5 each. The organizer (maybe me/the mods/anyone else interested? I'm ready to do this!) could buy the handbag and then sell tickets for a week or two. We could then pick at random one person, and she would win the handbag. And maybe after every 5 auctions we could have a mystery auction for a gift card out of everyone who has ever purchased a ticket... And all proceeds would go to charity...

    I think it'd be a nice way for someone to get a surprise treat once in a while, and also to help out charities... and all donations would be dedicated to the Purse Forum!

    Let me know what you ladies think and if this is a good idea? and if you would buy tickets! :smile:

    I hope this doesn't violate any PF rules! :x
  2. I am game! I suggested something similar a while back but it never took off.
  3. I'm not sure if it would violate PF.

    Also, I think its success will really depend on what type of purse it is... So maybe you can think about that?
  4. I think thats a pretty good idea. Im willing to help out, P.M. if you need any help. :biggrin::yes: