Handbag Question

  1. First I want to thank everyone for posting about the price increase. Apparantly this forum knows more than the SA's I spoke with. I managed to grab a medium/large black caviar classic flap with silver hardware. I am still deciding about my ultimate soft in black vs. another bag. The soft bottom is the problem. The SA said she has one but it only looks good if she doesn't overstuff it. Does anyone know the name of the following bags from the spring collection?[​IMG][​IMG]Would they be good alternatives?
  2. those are beautiful, just very different from the Ultimate Soft.
    The one on the tight is the new Diagonal CC ligne and I LOVE it, pricey Ligne though.
  3. The one on the left is the expandable flap bag, and the one on the right is the diagonal CC flap bag.
  4. I LOVE the expandable bag!
  5. I have been eying the expandable flap bag. (in my dreams)
  6. I love the Ultimate soft! I have the black medium version and it is gorgeous. I know some ladies here have complained about how it doesn't look that great when you wear it on your shoulder. I've found a trick but havent posted pics. You have to stuff the base with the paper stuffing inside the dustbag and provide it a soft base, such that the middle doesn't cave into a "V". Anyways, hope you get that bag. It's so pretty and they're coming out with the purple version too.
  7. I have the large version of the ultimate soft and the SA said that was the only size it came in. I thought that it looked different on a picture I saw in a blog. If the Diagonal CC line is too pricey, it's out. However, does anyone know how much the expandable flap is. My other thought is the Rock and Chic.

    By the way, my 5 yr old drew a picture with a black square in it. When I asked what it was, she replied. "A chanel bag" You think I'm a little obsessed?
  8. ^ how cute of ur daughter!!! :tender: