Handbag? Purse?

  1. So what do you think is handbag and what do you think is purse?

    Any difference?
  2. I never really thought too deeply about this. But my definition for that is, a handbag can be held on your hand or on the shoulders. It's bigger in size compare to a purse. A purse seems smaller. I use the word purse in a general term. "I'm buying a new purse."

    I like to call things handbags. But since I joined this forum, I'm learning many different catagories of purses.
  3. I think it's a regionalism. Where I grew up, on the Gulf Coast, people always said "purse". Here on the East Coast, people seem to mostly say "pocketbook" or "handbag". I think "pocketbook" sounds goofy, so I always say "bag" or "handbag".
  4. I always use bag or handbag, but I agree that things are usually regional. Pocketbook means wallet to me, and I just don't use the term purse, although many other people around here (midwest) use it interchangably with handbag.
  5. There are some other threads on this. I agree...pretty regional. I go back and forth.
  6. well here purse = wallet so you have to say handbag/bag
  7. well in here. it's only bag...
  8. I always say handbag and I think most of my friends do too. I hear others use the word purse a lot and rarely do I hear pocketbook.

    I think they're all one in the same, though.
  9. What I carry is a BAG.

    A purse is MONEY or something that contains money: "The boxing match had a purse of $60,000".

    My purse goes inside my bag.
  10. Purse = smaller handbag? Something between a big wallet/clutch, and a small handbag.
  11. I purse my lips and carry a handbag.:wlae:
  12. its the same thing. I think to people in the uk a purse is what I call a wallet and a handbag is a purse to me.
  13. I'm from the UK to me a handbag is the bag you carry all your stuff in and a purse is where you keep your money. A wallet over here is usually where a man keeps his money but you can get women's wallets, they tend to be long and thin.
  14. My thoughts exactly! I've actually never heard the word 'pocketbook' used that I can recall... my grandparents may have used it at some point! I'm glad someone mentioned it though, otherwise I may have got confused :p

    That said, I don't think I use a purse - I have a wallet in my handbag.
  15. I use them interchangably (spelling?). I usually call it my purse or my bag :yes: