Handbag Psychology Article

  1. LOL that's so funny
  2. hahah, I love it.
  3. it's funny..thanks
  4. Lol
  5. great thread, thanks girl.
    i'm a tote girl and i must agree, some are true :P
  6. Great article. Thanks for posting it! :smile:
  7. Wow I loved that article! I'm a tote girl too!
  8. LOL the fake part was funny. As was the designer paper bag carrying character. I've never seen such a person
  9. LOL too cute!
    Makes me rethink reusing my Saks bags and such....LOL I always reuse them to carry crap to school that won't fit in my backpack. Some days it's a Target bag and others a Saks bag LOL
  10. LOL I'm a hobo girl.. and the description sounds kind of accurate! :lol:
  11. Good article. I'm a baguette girl and its definitely about the "cuteness" for me.
  12. OOps- better not reuse my Hermes paperbag!!!!!!
  13. Very funny, and to a certain extent, true. :P
  14. LOL......very different way of seeing things
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