Handbag protectors and/or covers?

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  1. Anyone have one? I'm not necessarily talking about a dustbag but a bag that you can carry your designer bag in for protection. Such as rain or if your on a plane and they make you tuck your handbag under the seat.
  2. Some people have mentioned in other threads carrying a longchamp foldable (or other foldable tote) in their purse for that reason.
  3. When I'm on a plane, and I just was last weekend, I always just put my bag into a plastic shopping bag or grocery bag and then place it under the seat. I also use a couple of twist ties to keep the plastic bag handle together. I don't use anything fancy. I never just put my bags on the floor anywhere, not even in my own residence although street shoes aren't even allowed to be worn inside of my residence.
  4. Smart idea about the plastic bag! I was worried about carrying my AW Emile on the plane (I have to) and putting it on the floor under my seat because I never put my bag on the floor, ever, unless it's on top of something. And I would never leave it in the compartments above, in fear of someone taking it!
  5. I had to laugh when I saw this thread. I try not to carry nice bags at the airport because from personal experience, a lot of airports are like disneyland for thieves. Also the rush and the crowds make me feel like I'm going to stain/scratch my bag or something horrible would happen to it. Then theres the issue of putting bags underneath the seats...

    I carried a longchamp on a budget airline and just chucked it under the seat and pulled it out when I got out of the plane, there was chewing gum stuck to it. People have no manners. This completely reinforced my belief to never carry nice bags on planes/airports.

    There are those foldable nylon shopping bags now, smaller than longchamp when folded but thinner material. They are just EVERYWHERE online and come in really fun, diverse prints. They're about $2-5 on ebay? Just search up "nylon shopping bag".
  6. I always have an Envirosax in my bag - they're really good for emergency bag-cover-ups!
  7. As for thieves in airports, I travel with a small, carry-on suitcase that I lock my handbag in before it goes through the x-ray machine. I travel around the world alone. I also take off my watch and put it into my handbag before going through security. I never just put it in one of those trays that's passed through the x-ray machine.

    If it's a situation where I'm not taking a carry-on suitcase, like last weekend when I had to fly out of state for a weekend, then I took my Abaco, Odelia handbag that I can put a lock on. So, I put the Eagle Creek lock on it and then sent it thorough the x-ray machine since I knew the handbag would get to the other side before I would. I've never had anything stolen while going through security. But, I don't just send my things through unlocked or on trays.

    As for in the plane, I have my handbag with me at all times and I usually take one that can either be locked or a lock can be added to it.
  8. I also take more than one plastic bag so that when I get to my destination I can throw the nasty thing out. But, then I need another one if I'm in transit through more than one airport and also when I'm coming home.
  9. Whenever I was at the airport, I saw this lady had plastic around her luggage. I believe it was a KVZ luggage but the plastic fit perfectly around her carry on. It was interesting. I should have taken a pic.
  10. Hartmann makes plastic covers for their luggage. I have also seen covers at Bed Bath and Beyond marketed as bedbug protectors for keeping your luggage on hotel surfaces.
  11. I always have a Longchamp foldable tote in the size of the bag I carry. It is so durable and great looking cover.
  12. Interesting, I'd have to check that out!
    Which foldable tote do you have? there was a girl that sat next to me on the plane with a longchamp too. I thought she had the LE Pilage but the dimensions seem to be so small according to the website.
  13. Le Pliage it is, but they have so many sizes, one of the largest I have for my carryon bag which is Mulberry suede and I would not put it on the ground. The largest one with short handles will fit it perfectly. For everyday bags I have classic le Pliage from medium to large for variety of sizes of bags. Cheers, vesna