Handbag Protectants?

  1. Okay, I just had gotten my new Miu Miu buffalo hobo to take her out for a spin when it rained on her. I was so bummed out. I decided to take the bag to Trio here in Atlanta because all of the high end stores refer you to them...well, it's not cheap, but I took my new BV bag to be sprayed, and to clean the Miu Miu one, hoping that he can get it back to its' original state. Lesson learned for me! He told me to always waterproof your bags before using them and swears by VECTRA spray. So just a head's up to those of you that cherish your handbags-protect the pricey ones! I wish I'd done it so I didn't have to pay to get it back to the pre-rain condition. I should have done it immediately and I wouldn't be respending the money I saved buying the bag on sale!:rolleyes:
  2. I have heard Chanel has recommended Vectra as well. It just scares me to spray my leather bags (although I have used Shining Monkey on my LVs with great success).
  3. They told me that it takes a can and a half to thoroughly saturate the bag properly-which means $30 on cans for one bag. Then they need to dry for 48 hours. I figured I'd just let them do it for $45. That way if something happens-they are responsible for replacing it! Besides all of the stores in Phipps/Lenox all recommend them!