Handbag Prices around the World....

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  1. Just curious to know what the deals are around the world. I know that LV is cheapest in France (especially with the tax refund!), Furla in Italy.......can you guys tell me which brands to shop around the world?
  2. Coach & katespade in US
    Hugo boss in germany
    actually LV, Gucci, Prada in Italy (especially the factory outlets) can be pretty much cheaper too
  3. i think the US is leading right now especially with the low dollar
  4. ^yes, def. the US, I'll be getting a mulberry bayswater from bloomindales when I'm in NYC in August - it's actually 150 euros cheaper than here in the Netherlands!
  5. I'm Canadian so anywhere in the world is cheaper! LOL....Does US give tax credits?

  6. Hey do you know how much cheaper are they? Like 10% or..? Thanks. :smile:
  7. As a Canadian, I would say LV and Gucci are cheaper in France than they are in Canada. I would say at least 10-15% cheaper with the tax rebate. Not only are they cheaper but you can get styles you wouldn't find here. I bought the Guccissima Hobo in Paris in 2005 for $1400 CDN - in Canada it was $1600 + 15% taxes.
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