Handbag photos for Belen Echandia site

  1. Hi Ladies-we're always looking for a chance to show off our handbags. I got this request and want to pass it along to all of you! Be creative and send them to jackie@belenechandia.com Here is the message I received! Have fun-we're always up to a challenge!:rolleyes:

    "We are asking people to send in pictures of themselves with their favourite bag/a picture of their favourite bag without them (if they don’t like to be in the picture). The bag doesn’t have to be a BE bag, I just want to see my customers in their environments with their favourite things, to make a fun collage for the website. People seem to like modelling their bags for the PF – so that inspired me to do our latest competition.

    Please could you tell all your PF friends about it and encourage them to send their photographs to me? I would love to have a great collage of Polaroid-style pictures. All I need is the image of the bag or person and bag, and we can do the rest."