Handbag Outpost or Luxery Handbags

  1. Has anyone heard of these sites to order Coach..if so what was your experience
  2. I've never heard of either...are you sure that they sell legit Coach bags?
  3. without even looking at either site, i'm going to assume they sell fakes.

    stick to coach.com (or macys.com)
  4. First of all, Coach doesn't wholesale to internet OR brick-and-mortar stores. Read the FAQs on their website:

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]"Who is authorized to sell Coach product?
    Coach ONLY offers its merchandise for sale through the following methods of distribution: (1) Coach stores, (2) Coach factory stores, (3) Coach catalogues, (4) authorized department stores, (5) authorized specialty stores and catalogues, (6) limited duty free locations, and (7) on the internet at coach.com.

    Coach DOES NOT offer its merchandise for sale through individuals, street vendors, unauthorized retail locations, at house parties, or any website other than www.coach.com. For authorized distributors, see our online Store Locator.

    Please use the Coach anti-counterfeiting hotline to report counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors of Coach merchandise at 1-800-396-1807.

    Unfortunately, Coach cannot accept returns of counterfeit merchandise.[/SIZE][/FONT] "

    I can't find a listing for either luxury handbags OR luxery handbags.

    Handbag oupost lists a few current bags, has a No Refund, No Return policy, and steals their pictures from Coach's website which is a blatant violation of copyright laws and means there's a 99 percent chance you're NOT going to get the exact same bag in the picture - you'll get a fake.

    There are NO online or B&M deals on designer bags except for the line's own factory stores, occasional sales by some of their major retailers like Macy's or Nordies, or the resellers that buy truckloads of old, damaged or counter-soiled stock and sell it on eBay, usually as-is and with no return policy.

    No manufacturer is going to sell current inventory at wholesale prices to someone who's going to sell the bags cheaper than the manufacturer and steal sales from them. That's Basic Business Principles 101 - why sell your merchandise to someone who's trying to cut your throat?

    I hope that makes sense. Stop looking for "deals" on the internet - the only thing that'll happen is that you'll get screwed.
  5. so so so true.