Handbag Organizers: Helpful? Yes or No?



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  1. I saw these Handbag Organizers on the internet.. Anyone who has them? To keep the inside of your handbags organize with such a spacious insides?
  2. Another good one: Bagmate!


    It's like a bag within a bag...but really, they're so cute if you wanted to use them as a bag you definitely could, and I have.

    Black microfiber exterior with leather handles that retract, interiors are lime green, hot pink, lavender or tan.

    When I first started using them, I thought "What a pain...I have to organize everything inside the purse inside the purse!" But then I had an emergency where I had to use another bag with just essentials and by the end of the day, I was begging for the bagmate.

    I use it in every bag I have except the Bal. Courrier, which is huge. That's the only problem, I guess. Most of the organizers work great in bags that are only slightly larger than they are, or if they close at the top. If you have a huge bag, like a hobo bag or one that is not too structured, the bagmate will roll around inside and your stuff will fall out. So there's no point.

    It works beautifully in my LV Noe, baby Spy, LeSportsac Fafi tote and Marc jacobs hobo.
  3. I don't really see the use in these. I have a make-up bag, coin purse and wallet. My keys, cell-phone, checkbook and pens go in the side-pockets. Sunglasses and planner are big enough to find easily. Maybe I'm missing something with these organizers.
  4. I never carry enough to need one.
  5. For me it depends on the bag. They are great for bags with few to no pockets/compartments (Speedy, Noe, etc.).
  6. Has anyone used one in the Mulberry Rosemary? I was thinking of getting one.
  7. Thanks for the links ladies! I'd like to order one.
  8. I don't understand how the BAGMATE works.. I'm also considering of buying one.. But... Is this really helpful for a big handbag such as Speedy?
  9. Pursekets are VERY VERY helpful!!!
  10. Helpful or not, I don't care for them.
  11. I thought they were a bit odd myself, but tried out the medium purseket, and now I'm able to easily change out my handbag everyday. Which is nice since my dh was giving me grief about having all of these lovely handbags and not using them. Now I just pop the purseket and my wallet from purse to purse and I'm done. Before I was using a single purse for a week or more and always forgetting something when I switched purses.
  12. I totally agree and have to laugh because in my Anna Corinna drawstring hobo which is unstructured and huge, I leave the size "large sturdy" Chameleon all the time and when I use the bag, I put the size small Chameleon INSIDE the sturdy large Chameleon and it holds it nicely without rolling around...BUT this means that even my handbag's bag has a bag!!!!!
  13. def yes!
  14. I just got a Purseket and used it for the first time in a big hobo bag with essentially no pockets and it was VERY helpful.