Handbag Organizer

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    A Parking Lot For Purses! No more dented, dusty handbags. Store them instead in our Handbag Organizer designed to fit standard closet shelves. Ten super-durable UV-coated cubbies help bags stand upright, ready for service. Easy assembly. 21¼''Hx33''Wx12¼''D.

  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: love it!
  3. What a great idea...if only i had somewhere to store it (i already take up the entire contents of 2 out of 2 wardrobes..bags, shoes clothes....can never have too many :shame: :love: :nuts:
  4. Great idea! the purses look so nice out of their sleepers, unfortunatley I'd still keep mine in their little bags.
  5. That looks nice, and very affordable too.
  6. That is cute!!! :biggrin: