Handbag or organizer wallet

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  1. So I have no willpower and want to buy myself something again this month. Sad. I know. Instead of waiting for my birthday I am thinking of getting either 1) zippy monogram organizer wallet OR 2) artsy or delightful. My collection is three damier Ebene bags, mono galliera and three slgs. I have wanted this wallet a while -- longer than slgs but I'm torn because I could get a handbag with an extra 300-500. Yes folks I am addicted. What would you do?
  2. So the Slgs you have don't include a wallet? If you already own at least one wallet, get the handbag. But otherwise I think a LV Wallet really completes the bag experience!
  3. I have monogram Insolite and zippy Ebene. Also mc cles.
  4. Oh and cosmetic pouch. Don't have the zippy in mono and it's bothering me. Lol
  5. Looks like you are set on wallets for now. Definitely get a bag now and wallet next month? LOL
  6. Id probably get get another bag if I were you.
    You already have the monogram insolite, so I would probably get another bag :smile:
  7. Get the bag :smile:
  8. Thank you all. I have big grappling with this. Lol. My big issue. Lol
  9. You should get a bag!
  10. Bag. Hands down :smile:
  11. This and this. Get the wallet.:graucho:
  12. Very observant Lee!!!! Lol thanks!
  13. Agree with Lee. Then get the bag after...sorry am an enabler :smile:
  14. I'm gonna be the odd ball and say to pick #1, I LOVE my zippy organizer wallet! Purchased it in 2005 and haven't even looked at another wallet since! It's in great shape. I also have the matching mono check book cover in it. I also added a pretty pen from things remembered with my name written on it.
  15. I would get the mono zippy organizer!! It's so handy, very roomy and such a satisfaction to zip & unzip!!

    Hope it fits into all your ebene bags. It'll definitely fit inside the galliera ..