Handbag on lost

  1. Last night they replayed the last episode of lost and in the scene where Jack's x-wife came to the hospital she was carrying a handbag that was amazing. It looked kind of like a better ada and had a flap pocket on the front. I wonder what it was because I would love to have one. Did anybody see it?
  2. Here's a quick screenshot of the bag... I'm not sure what kind it is? Maybe someone will recognize it and help you out. Good luck!

    Picture 4.jpg
  3. Hey that is great. I hope someone knows what it is.
  4. Hey, I noticed that bag on LOST last night, too. Im so into LOST- cant wait for the next episode! Im pretty sure its by Abaco, a french label. They sometimes carry it in bloomingdales or at verve in Soho. They're around $700.
  5. Thanks tano expert. I looked all over for it but no luck. I am sure it will be difficult to locate.
  6. Gosh, Alex you're the best!!

  7. I noticed it too and kept rewinding the DVR! I looked as well but no luck. I'd just like to get a better look at its details.
  8. I am still keeping a lookout for it. No luck so far.
  9. Not to make everyone crazy again but did anyone ever find this bag or determine if it is an Abaco? I look every now and then and still can't find it. It is probably too big for me anyhow but the curiosity is killing me.
  10. Very cool. Good eye!!