Handbag Obsession - What is wrong with me???

  1. How deep does this handbag obsession run??

    We have two empty rooms in our house (after moving into a larger house right before the holidays), and I have not had any motivation to decorate them. Mind you, I've purchased about....mmmm, 5 or 6 handbags since moving here?!?!

    Today, while at the furniture store looking at dining room tables and fabrics, I found myself thinking, " You know, I would rather just get a few more Balenciaga bags...."

    WHAT is wrong with me??? I mean, we can't have empty rooms forever!! How do I get my mind off of handbags and on task????:noggin: Or at very least, get to a respectable compromise???

    Anyone have any thoughts?? Suggestions?? Been through similiar situations??
  2. Somewhat but I know that I can only use these bags so often and then they are already out of style by the time you rotate your collections.

    With that thought, I think I had better control of getting all these bags and even better, the same bag with different colours.

    Then again, I had thoughts where my coworker has several designer handbags of the same namebrand and style but in different colours, and I would think, maybe they are good copies and that is why she bought them in all the colours?
    I think if I bought all the colours, I would soon get bored of them.
  3. Well... for Balenciaga - it's not just multiple colors I want, but different styles as well.

    The problem is, its not just Balenciaga. There are Coach bags, MJ bags, a Chanel bag, etc. that I am looking at right now - and depending on when "impulse" hits me, who knows what the next one will be??

    I am just trying to figure out, how in my head today I could visualize a handbag... OVER a piece of furniture. (Dining table...) I mean, I wasn't kidding, I really was wishing that I was looking at bags, instead of furniture... I don't know, maybe I just really hate furniture shopping. And I already know that I am purchasing at least 2 more bags soon regardless... ARGH!!!!!!!!
  4. oh dearie, just concentrate on getting your furnitures! LOL think of this, what will DH think if you're fantasizing about bags instead of filling up your home with furnitures?? hmmm.... kill you? LOL! but seriously, it would make him think that you are not prioritizing what's more important... anyways, you still have lotsa bbags and other ones, right? so set things right furnitures first, before handbags, okiedokie??
  5. Do get your furniture stuff settled. Once the house feels complete, so will you. Sit down with the DH and talk with him about your feelings and maybe after buying X ammount of furniture you can get a bag instead of the throw pillows (I don't know...just a random comparision).
  6. Hey, Bags.......I'm formerly from Northern Michigan. I know when the sky would be grey for months and there would be huge masses of snow on the ground, I would spend my money on items that made me feel good.......candles, pillows, purses, purses, purses, purses.......Now that I live in Florida, I have it pretty much under control, and I think sunlight or the lack of it and warmth has something to do with at least MY spending habits.
  7. I think sometimes our minds and energy can become stuck in certain "tracks" and once you can get yourself to take the first step on another project, you may find you become involved in that as well. Maybe you can transfer some of your love of color and style from bags to furniture.

    Maybe go to a furniture store and try to find fabrics the same color as your favorite Bbags.
  8. You may be choosing to focus on bags because it is easier. Choosing furniture and decorating a new home is a big project and can seem daunting. But like it was said previously, it will be much more rewarding when it is done. so it is worthwhile putting some effort into.

    Good luck!
  9. I know what ya mean......

    I rather a handbag than most anything...its getting to a point where I feel silly now for always thinking about it...

    I think that if you just make that commitment and get started on your new place, youll be fine....:yes:
  10. moving into a new home is one of the most stressful things a person can do...the apa (amer psych assoc) has a list of the top 10...marriage, divorce, kids, a move to a new home, death...
    so, i think that you're stressed about setting up a new home and doing the one thing that soothes you, buying a bag...
    i'm sure that once you start to feel settled, you'll start venturing into furniture stores!
  11. Thank you for all of the input!! :smile: Everyone had some great points that I hadn't really thought about... Buying a bag is something familiar, and while I really like the area we moved to, but its still something new - something to adjust to. I hadn't really thought about the change entirely...

    I do think that once I get the furniture thing settled out, I will feel a bit more "complete". I hadn't thought about it, but something is missing.

    Also, yes - my DH would probably not be happy if I traded in furniture for handbags entirely (unless the handbags added up to less expense)... Of course, I don't think he cares really one way or the other!!

    Thank you for the input. I'm going to sleep on it, and come back and reread everyone's responses tomorrow morning!! Thank you!!
  12. It sounds like maybe you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the daunting task of decorating. I know that feeling! How much easier to focus on what we love and know.
  13. I think there is definitely escapism and displacement in my bag loving/buying habits. When I am in a stressful situation or unhappy state, I spend, spend, spend even when it is stupid and I should be doing something else. When I am calm and happy, I buy in a considered way and because I love it. I think small rewards (not Balenciaga!) for engaging with the dreaded task is the way to go, maybe working up to a big reward when you're done? Incidentally, agree 100% with the 'breaking it down' advice - has seen me through my PhD, huge writing projects and other overwhelming life events!
  14. Simple you do not want to decorate now and put up any permanent roots. The bags can be interchangeable.....lol
  15. I can totally relate. I hate shopping for furniture, home stuff, etc., just too overwhelming. I love bags though, even more than clothes. SOmetimes I think it's because I feel more unattractive each day that I age, and bags make me feel better. Stupid, huh? Such a huge waste of money.