Handbag language - purse, tote, satchel, hobo, ...

  1. Ok this is a little awkward :shame: If English is your second or third (in my case) language, you may or may not be confused by those many words for handbags:

    As I understand, purse means handbag in a general, possibly American way? And a hobo is a sort of rounded, less structured shoulder bag? A clutch is a handhold bag, a pochette (ok thanks LV!) a small boxy shoulder bag. What is a tote or a satchel? Are there even more names for bag styles?

    Please help, TIA! :yes:
  2. ^ I was just going to suggest that, pb! :biggrin:
  3. :smile: Hope things are well with you, CH.
  4. That's very informative, thanks ;)
  5. thank you this is very informative =)
  6. Hi,

    English is not my mother language, though I hopefully speak it quite well. ;) However, I don't always recognize the differences between those words which mean almost same things. So, I've been wondering this small and silly thing: is there any difference between a purse and a handbag (for example, a purse would always be quite small), or are they simply synonyms for each other. Languages are so interesting and fun. :biggrin:

  7. hmm I think that it depends on the person, if they want to use purse or handbag.

    I think they both have the same meaning, but I use handbag all the time.
  8. i think they mean the same thing...

    pocketbook, handbag, purse... i grew up in a family where they always says "purse".. i really dont like the sound of it but thats what im used to hearing. sometimes i just say, "bag" ...people use them all depending on where you live or what you like the sound of better.
  9. A purse (in Australia and the U.K.) is a wallet. A handbag (again in Australia and the U.K.) is a handbag. In the U.S. a handbag is called a purse.
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  10. A handbag, pocketbook and a purse are the same thing, at least in the USA.

    I'm told though that a 'purse' in the UK is what you store your money and change in so it can depend on what you're from.

  11. In the UK a purse is a wallet for women whereas in the US it's the same as a handbag!

    (At least that's what I think, I'm French:p)
  12. I am not a native speaker of English myself, but live in the UK and - as pointed out above -, "purse" means a wallet in the UK. But I've mostly heard people saying "wallet". In my native language, moreover, "purse" means "(one) female breast". The word has a very sensuous sound to me, I can't help it. I am always a bit startled when I hear American sellers of handbags talking of "purses". I blush a bit when I have to say the name of this website, ha ha! :blush:
  13. ^
    Which language is your native language?
  14. It's a regional thing. Generally, Americans refer to a bag as a purse. In the UK, a purse is used to refer to a wallet while a bag is just called a bag. In the southern United States, they often refer to their purses as "Pocketbooks"