Handbag incident on plane gets passenger kicked off

  1. Just thought many of you might find this story from the Sydney Morning Herald funny:

    A passenger was escorted off a Tokyo-bound plane in Hong Kong after she refused to put her Gucci handbag under her seat, holding up the departure of a flight for more than an hour.
    The Cathay Pacific plane was ready to take off but was forced to stop on the runway because the young passenger would not comply with a flight attendant's request, the Apple Daily newspaper reported on Monday.

    After 15 minutes of argument, police officers, airport security guards and airline officials were called in to resolve the situation, but she still refused to give in.

    After an officer threatened to arrest her, the unnamed passenger finally agreed to leave the plane with her handbag, much to the delight of her angry fellow passengers who clapped as she was escorted off.

    "It's not my fault, it was them who were too stubborn," she shouted as she left.
  2. gosh, that is hilarious! i wonder which gucci bag she was carrying. i supposed she and her gucci bag are still in hong kong.
  3. Oh wow! I guess that bag was sure important to her!
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    what a crazy handbag lady....:lol::lol:
  5. :lol: i would love to know which handbag it was that she was carrying at the time too :roflmfao:
  6. HA!HA!HA!~
    It was me..OK-kidding ..not..But its sick cuz I wouldnt want to put mine on that nasty plane floor either..LOL..THATS why I only do Prada nylon carryons..DUH..LMAO..TOO FUNNY!
  7. Oh wow! Usually flight attendants are pretty sympathetic about purses....
  8. She must have been a B*tch. I have some really nice bags..but none of them are worth getting thrown off of a plane! I would have asked for a towel to put on the floor first.....
  9. I never travel with my good bags!
  10. oh my! same thing happened to me . just came back from hongkong last saturday and i totally forgot that my speedy was still on my lap just before we were about to take off. the f.a. reminded me to put my bag under the seat. am sure glad i did ... :smile:
    p.s. the line outside the l.v. store in harbour city was unbelievable! there were at least 20 customers waiting outside at any time of the day.
  11. wow that's pretty crazy! maybe she could get a bigger paper bag and put her gucci in it THEN put it on the floor....
  12. Omg
  13. I can see her point though (although it's not worth getting thrown off the plane). I've exited planes with gum on my shoes--all sorts of crud. I usually bring a plastic bag with me if I think I'm going to need to do something with my purse. But I'm obsessive compulsive--not as bad as Monk, but I don't want other people's garbage all over my stuff either and let's face it--everything in the overhead cabins gets crushed and the floors are filthy.
  14. She knew she was getting on a plane. She should have been prepared like susan-eric said. You should always have protection for your bag in situations like that.
  15. That's just silly. If the bag is that important to you, either throw it in the overhead (you can always get up and get it later), leave it in your luggage & use a less expensive bag on the plane or don't bring it.