Handbag Holder

You could buy those coat-hangers that look just like that and turn it so it runs vertically up a wall. They're like five bucks at a craft store, and you could decorate it yourself, too.
Cute, but I'm a nutcase about keeping my stuff in dust bags. We live off of a main road, and the dust can be awful at times. It'd be perfect for my daughter's bags, though. :o) She's 7 and has a mini collection of her own.
I have 4 of those - after seeing them on a website 2 years ago, I made them myself with supplies from the craft store. They're really handy, you can see your bags in a glance. I made mine with strong velcro so it holds up really heavy bags, but I don't put my designer bags up because I prefer that they are stuffed with tissue and stored in its dustbag in a dry/cool cupboard.