Handbag Holder

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  1. That's cute- never saw it or heard anything about it
  2. I LIKE it! Any other patterns/colors? How much?
  3. Very cute!
  4. You could buy those coat-hangers that look just like that and turn it so it runs vertically up a wall. They're like five bucks at a craft store, and you could decorate it yourself, too.
  5. Cute, but I'm a nutcase about keeping my stuff in dust bags. We live off of a main road, and the dust can be awful at times. It'd be perfect for my daughter's bags, though. :o) She's 7 and has a mini collection of her own.
  6. cute, but do you have to nail it to your wall or closet to mount it? my landlord will kill me!
  7. Cute.
  8. they are cute
  9. I have 4 of those - after seeing them on a website 2 years ago, I made them myself with supplies from the craft store. They're really handy, you can see your bags in a glance. I made mine with strong velcro so it holds up really heavy bags, but I don't put my designer bags up because I prefer that they are stuffed with tissue and stored in its dustbag in a dry/cool cupboard.