Handbag heaven - but didn't but a thing!

  1. Went to Liberty's in london today and they have masses of bags for 50% and 30% off. Was very tempted by a Mulberry belgrave but have stuck to my mantra of ' I can't do handheld bags' so managed not to part with any money!!!
    Anyone else been and did you pick up any bargains? lots of chloes's going cheap!

    I obviously can't spell today - the title is supposed to say- didn't BUY a thing!!!!!!!
  2. I haven't been, but it is one of my most favourite shops not just in London, but in the world - and it is calling me . . . .!
  3. oooh, I'm going to be in London soon....my kids will kill me if I spend our precious time handbag shopping....probably will be all gone by the time i get there...that's a good thing!
  4. I was there yesterday and was not as good as you. I have a real penchant for the Liberty of London bags and nabbed two bags. One was a lovely evening bag in a baby blue, made of perch (a type of fish) - sounds gross but I can assure it its incredibly tactile. It has a fantastically long and heavy twisted brass chain which means I can wear it cross body or as a shoulder bag.

    The other one was a bowling bag with lucite handles and Ianthe embossed print. I wanted it in yellow but they were sold out. My regular SA told me to buy it anyway (to take advantage of the extra 10% discount for Liberty Cardholders) and she would put one on hold for me next week when they get more in. She will then do a straight swap for me. Both were 50% off, not including the additional 10%, and I managed to save £400.
  5. That bowling bag with the lucite handles sounds really cool!
  6. It is really nice. You can see it at this link:


    Its at the bottom of the second row from the left.

    The perch bag is at the top of that same row, only mine is a baby blue.
  7. Wow!!! Those bags are "cutting edge" for sure! Very, very unusual and very stylish....
  8. You have such a great eye Tiggers and I agree that the Liberty bags are a wonderful unknown in the world of handbags that always deserve attention!
  9. Oohhh my! Too bad they don't have any great sales like that here :sad:
  10. No, but you can definitely keep the kids happy and visit Liberty - it is only a few steps from London's most famous toy store, Hamleys and if they are older, the flagship Topshop/Topman including junior ranges is a stone's throw away - something for everyone!
  11. Thanks, Miss Sooky. I am really pleased with my purchases although I am having a hard time trying to convince my friends about my 'fish' bag - although, they've not yet had a chance to see it IRL.

    In fact, the Liberty SA and I were both discussing the relative calm in the Liberty of London boutique area compared to the accessories room next door despite the bargains to be had. All things being equal, I would much rather carry a low profile brand and feel really unique, especially in a big city like London!
  12. I think both those bags are really cool, I agree you have exceptional taste. I'm now going to cuddle my Liberty scarf I bought there 6 years ago and dream of London...
  13. Ah, it is a great place to have in your dreams! I am biased because I have been here since leaving university in Oxford nearly 20 years ago, but I love it . . . . . .it is grubby, noisy, busy, stressful . . .and vibrant, exciting, diverse, stimulating, intelligent and exotic!
  14. Miss Sooky -- you are a lucky duck. Do you live inside the city? Is London as expensive as everyone says? Do you see Hugh Grant every day?
  15. Couldn't agree more. London is the most diverse city in the world. There is always something to do, whatever your inclinations.