handbag hardware repair question

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  1. Hello.

    My cousin bought me a genuine Italian leather handbag a few years ago, and I used it until I broke the strap. Seems like an easy fix, just don't know where to go to fix it.

    I've somehow lost the pin that goes through the joint that keeps the strap connected to the bag.


    broken joint

    intact joint

    I've thought to go to a cobbler/leather repair specialist but not sure that they repair hardware. Am I better off going to a craft/hobby/home improvement store to find a part that will do the job and stay anchored in the hole even if it is different than the other side, or is there somewhere I can take it?

  2. I would try a cobbler that fixes handbags. A lot of them are able to fix handbag hardware..
  3. ^ Yep.
  4. thanks guys, will do!