Handbag Funnies !!!

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  1. I needed my friends permission before I posted this:

    First of all both my friend and I both have little Havernese dogs, mine is 3 years old called Nickelodeon and my friends dog is 5 years old called Binghi who is her" baby" (she has no kids or Bf right now ) So Binghi has always been the center of her attention,

    Our Dogs get together once in a while to have playdates.
    Anyway My friend purchased a bag the other day the Louis Vuitton Speedy monogrammed 30 at the louis store in Manhattan. she was so excited she called me up we celebrated after work and so on

    She then starts calling the bag her "new baby" ooooing and awwwing all the time when ever you mentiond the bag.
    One Morning she was running late for work, she dashed out of her house grabbed her New Baby and jumped on the Subway, to her amazment everyone moved away from her and started to get up from thier seats, she said she could smell something awful but new she was wearing deodrant and Chanel # 5 so it could not be her !

    Well to cut along story short it was her !!! well it was her "new Baby" Binghi had pooped in her Bag. :lol:

    This is a true story !!! I had to laugh and so did she in the end !!
    Moral of the story is Pets are like people they have feelings too !
  2. lol! The dog was probably jealous of the bag.
  3. Oh no!!! :amazed: Tell her to get Nature's Miracle spray...it really does get out dog pee and poop odors.
  4. Doggies are like people. I hope, her dog just did it once. =(
  5. Ha ha... how cute!
  6. Too funny!!!:P The morale of that story is don't piss the dog off or he'll ...... you know the rest ....:cry:
  7. oh no! i would cry if that happened to me...but then i'd probably laugh because it is pretty funny
  8. Dog do have feeling just like people and can get jealous, at least she didn't chew the bag to bits. Maybe her little baby needs a Lv dog carrier that is all hers and then she won't mind all of that attention going to a bag.
  9. LOL !!! :lol: Thats exactly what my friend said.
    she now keeps her bag on her dining room table out of reach !!
  10. lol too funny! the poor old baby was jealous of the new baby aw
  11. Thats hilarious........b/c it wasn't me it happened to. I would probably cry if it had happened to me. :lol:
  12. :lol: and yuk
  13. I would definitely cry ^^
    By the way, I just watched the 130th Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Those dogs are addorable! How can we blame them if they had done such things on our bag babies?
    Dilemma~~Delimma~~ :P
  14. So True LOL !!!