Handbag from The Hills

  1. Hi! I was watching The Hills the other day and I fell in love with the handbag that Lauren is carrying on campus in the 'A Change Of Plans' episode from season one! (its the brown suede-looking one with the studded handle) Does anyone know the brand of the bag she was carrying or where I can find it? Any help would be appreciated, thank you:yes:
  2. [​IMG]



    (pictures from lauren-conrad.net)

    Here are some photos, if that helps at all:smile: I apologize for having to add a reply to my own thread, I just joined and haven't figured out how to edit a post yet:smile:
  3. im pretty sure its Be& D but i dont know the style name or availability

    good luck
  4. i have the Be and D crawford and it is AMAZING!!! i think thats what it is too great bad! :smile:
  5. I love this bag!!! the leather looks TDF!
  6. Thank you very much everyone, I appreciate the help:smile:
  7. Lovely bag.