Handbag for your cat!

  1. I think that bags kinda cute. Beats the plastic regular carriers needed to take cats to the vet, or travelling.
  2. Why sould dog's get all the cool totes!?:biggrin: I think it's cute.. I miss my kitty:sad:
  3. likin' it! if it isn't too restrictive?
  4. cute!! as long as your cat doesn't get too nervous and pees (my cat panics when she sees the carrier and has had a few accidents after I've managed to get her in there!)

    (BTW, alexandra, LOVE your avatar!!! SO CUTE!! is that your kitty??)
  5. my cat is bigger than that bag
  6. Cute! Sydney Love totes and bags are adorable - I especially like those with cat and/or dog designs on them.
  7. I think mine would be too :shame::shame:

    Although I like to stick my cats into bags. :lol:
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