handbag for interviewing

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  1. Hi, Im new here! I just started getting interested in bags and have been reading the forum.

    So I'm graduating from nursing school in June and will be interviewing in Aug/Sept. I need help choosing an appropriate handbag. I want it to be big enough to fit a normal-size portfolio (12X10)for my resumes, my wallet, keys, and some makeup. I want it to look professional but not boring, because I am spending money on it. And since my interviewer will almost def be female, I have to strike a balance between good taste yet not scream high maintenance. I'd like to spend about $250 or less since I really doubt I'll be using it for much else.

    I like the Kenneth Cole Hole-Hearted in black, but since it'll be end of the summer, would black be too dark? or the Nordstrom brand hobo in brown?

    Any suggestions?
  2. do you mean the Nordstrom in chocolate? I choose that over Kenneth Cole
    good luck!
  3. Same for me. The hardware on the Kenneth Cole is a bit too big that it doesn't equate professionalism to me.
  4. I believe the general consensus on interviewing is to NOT carry a purse? I think you need an inconspicuous tote or a briefcase...but I wouldn't carry a hobo or anything, I think it should be extremely structured, given your profession.
  5. I recommend a Coach tote of the business variety, preferably a neutral leather color without the logo. You can get one for around $200-$400 that will be very interview appropriate, that says "quality" but not "trendy" or "hugely expensive." You can see all of their available bags at Coach.com. Good luck!
  6. ^^^^^ I agree. Get a Coach tote.
  7. I'm not sure why Coach necessarily equates professionalism any more than the last bag she listed... plenty of other lines make neutral, leather, nice-quality totes.

    My vote goes for the second bag. I think its great and really reasonably priced. The first one seems a little too "fun" with the big brass rings.

    But whatever bag you get, I wouldn't recommend any obvious logos.
  8. Oh goodness, they are not saying that Coach=professionalism. Geez, It's just their suggestions. Mariemist did ask for suggestions after all and probably welcome others. :wacko:
    Mariemist, I like the second bag. I like Coach also but without logos. Goodluck on the interview and let us know how it goes :biggrin:
  9. Uh yeah, and I gave mine that the second tote is an excellent choice... Forget Coach, you found your bag, in my opinion, particularly because it fits within your $250 or less budget which very few leather professional-looking Coach bags will. What's Coach and under $250 is the trendy, signature stuff.

    So please don't "Geez" me. :smile:
  10. A more structured bag will always look more professional. I'd stay away from big slouchy bags or anything metallic or studded.
  11. How about a nylon tote from Longchamp? They aren't expensive, and a lot of people here in DC carry them to work and such. I've used mine for interviews.
  12. thanks for the opinions! i'm going to bloomies today to take a look around. something "structured" is def what i need, i just couldn't find the word for it. :amuse: it's like a tug of war, ya know? you know what you need but then there's what you want!
  13. I agree with bethany. I try not to carry a purse. I have a hartmann portfolio that I carry on interviews and leave the purse in the car or at home if possible.

  14. Hi mariesmist, I think a tote's an excellent idea. Some suggestions:

    Pics off ebags (I SWEAR I don't work for ebags :biggrin: ):

    10% off many bags (price shown is the price after discount):
    1) Cleo & Patek Tuscany Flap Brief $172-80
    2) Tignanello Santa Cruz Triple Compartment Tote $103-49
    3) Via Spiga Eden East West Shoulder Tote $243-00
    4) Cleo & Patek Large Zip Around Short Shoulder $169-20
    5) Green Street Designs Raymond Leather Tote $144

    Good luck with your search!
  15. congratulations. welcome to nursing. i would a conservative tote. just large enough to fit your porfolio. and remember to to overstuff you bag.

    when i graduated from nursing school it was recommended for me to wear a basic black suit with a french blue color blouse. i can't remember, but i think i carried my portfolio in my hand because i wanted it to be accessible and did not want to distract my interviewer by having to take time to take it out of a bag. you also want it to be acessible for the managers to interview with besides the RN recruiter. having to hold it in your hand keeps you focused and keeps you from playing with your fingers etc. out of nervousness. i used a small coach bag. i was offered a job everywhere i interviewed. good luck.if you need pointers PM me, as to i have had a lot of nursing interviews. good luck.