Handbag Feng Shui

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  1. Just read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail about handbags and their effect on our luck, surroundings, etc.
    It's an amusing read whether you believe in this stuff or not...if anything, it's another reason to continue on that quest for that "perfect bag"!!

    Take a look:
    globeandmail.com: Handbag feng shui
  2. Good to know I'm off to a good start; I always carry my bag on the left side. I'm so used to it I have to walk on the left side of a person, otherwise I feel like I'm going to hit them with my bag.
  3. Very interesting article. I don't coordinate my color and where I carry my purse but I do have a lucky bag that I use for interviews :smile: Worked as a charm all the time.
  4. Fun article. Unfortunately, though, I always carry my handbag on the right. I don't know if I can switch that habit. LOL!
  5. Fantastic link, now who's making those 3 coin purse charms? ;)
  6. Handbag feng shui

    Reuters News Agency

    Ladies, your luck is in your hand. Actually, your handbag, to be precise.
    As the lunar Chinese New Year approaches, Asians are trying to court good fortune in various ways, and a Singaporean feng shui expert advises women not to neglect their totes.
    "Handbags are very personal," says John Lok, principal consultant at Feng Shui 0011 (http://www.fengshui0011.com). "Their colour, how women hold them and what goes in them can all affect your luck."
    Feng shui, the ancient Chinese knowledge of geomancy, or natural energies, is usually associated with the home. The position of furniture and specific elements, such as water features, is believed to influence luck. But why stop when you walk out the door?

    According to Lok, for optimum luck and wealth, women should hold their bags on the left: This increases what goes into it and decreases what goes out. The right side of the body is a strong, "white tiger" (an unlucky animal), while the left is a "green dragon" and brings power.
    Likewise, women should be careful where they lay down a bag. When sitting down, it's best to rest it on the left, unless surrounded by friends, as people give more strength than objects.
    As for the actual bag, it should come as no surprise that fashion trends and designer labels matter less than colour and shape (assuming it's luck you're after and not just envious stares).
    Chinese geomancy is based on the elements of fire, earth, water, metal and wood, each one associated with different colours and benefits.
    Red, pink, purple and angular shapes are "fire," Lok says. Choose a bag that incorporates these if you're after a promotion at work, since they radiate confidence.
    Square shapes and yellow, orange and brown are "earth" -- good for days when you want to appear approachable.
    Round white, silver, gold, chrome, bronze or grey bags are "metal," and can inspire purity of thought and strength.
    Green, light blue and rectangular shapes are "wood," and good to maintain harmony.
    Curvy shapes, black and dark blue are classified under "water." These are said to improve prosperity, as well as tell the world that the owner of the bag must be treated with respect.
    If you really need to watch your luck, be careful when matching bags to outfits: Some feng shui experts believe different colour combinations can either bless or curse you. According to Feng Shui Info (www.all-about-feng-shui.info), good combinations include black-white, red-gold, purple-silver. Bad ones include red-white, green-yellow and blue-red.
    As for all those buckles, snaps and doodads -- well, they won't do you much harm or good. Charms, however, such as three coins tied together, or objects in lucky colours, are clear fortune magnets.
    As for size, feng shui advises something most women already know: Bigger is better, especially when you're out shopping, since it "captures" more of what you set off to buy.