Handbag featured in NM the Book

  1. Does anyone know the name of the gold handbag featured in NM The Book? :confused1: It retails for $2500 is from the Cruise line....
  2. That is the new Luxury by Chanel Shopper. It is metallic gold calfskin! So cool!
  3. can i just purchase or is there a waitlist????
  4. they are on back order both at stores and on catalogue...
  5. post a pic!
  6. i agree post a pic !
  7. Is this the gold bag? It was on page 8 of the HOLIDAY Book from NM. It says it is the Gold (or silver) calfskin tote $2550.
  8. Oh no, I hate when I see a bag like this that takes my breath away - now I'm onto another obsession.....
  9. thats the bag!
  10. thats gorgeousss
  11. I now want this bag!!! :drool:
  12. i saw it at my trunk show in khaki/bronze... it's beautiful ... and BIG
  13. I'm starting to sound like a broken record (sorry)... but does it come in black?
  14. The magazine only says gold and silver.
  15. Its so beautiful. I hate when you call the day you get The Book and its already on back order!