Handbag dream?!?!

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  1. So, before going to bed last night, I was seaching the net for inspiration (picture ideas for painting.) Lately, I've been wanting to do street scenes, so I was googling Venice streets, Madrid streets, Jamaican streets, etc. Before I log off, I decide to pop in here and I stumbled upon CeeJay's Balenciaga Bags" thread. I've never even considered those before...I thought, hmmm...I could fit my sketch book in one of those. Hmmm...the leather is gorgeous.

    I log off and drift off to sleep.

    I dreamed that I was walking down a street in Venice...The sun was shining...it was so real...

    I look down at my arm and I saw the most gorgeous Balenciaga...:nuts: It was beautiful. I could actually feel the weight of the bag. But mine was in a natural colored (tan/caramel/light brown) leather. Does one even exist in that color? I don't know much about them, but I definitely plan to learn more soon!:biggrin:

    I have been thinking about this "dream bag" on and off all day.:lol:

    Now, I want one...badly. Has anyone ever had a dream like this?:lol:
  2. i had a dream about the ivory chloe paddington one time.
  3. No I have'nt had that dream but I do have that bag. Bought in 2 years ago and love it. Have had people try and buy it off me on the street. I have seen it with fur inlays this year.
  4. I had dreams about Paddingtons the night I ordered mine. :shame: Weird.
  5. I have Day Dreams about bags.........ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!
  6. I have a Paddy on pre-order with NM. I've dreamed of shopping for and getting a Paddy about four times in the last month.
  7. I've had dreams about bags before, especially the Dior saddle I was waiting for foreverrrrrr!
  8. I've dreamed of a Chanel Cambon Tote twice in the past month. I bought it for $7 in my dream :lol:
  9. im always too tired when i wake up to remember what i was dreaming..heh.
  10. i had a store-full-of-balenciagas dream.. very unoriginal :lol:.. all colours and sizes, all quite cheap.. and finding more in hidden corners all over the shop. it was fun. =)
  11. There is a great website for info and color swatches for Balenciaga bags. It is: ateliernaff.blogspot.com
    check it out.
  12. Thank you!