Handbag Deal breakers Thread

  1. So I believe that we all have certain criteria for handbags. Perhaps even if we like the look of a handbag, we won't buy it because certain features don't agree with us. For me there are three ultimate deal breakers:
    1. Contrast Stitching
    I loved everything from the Lovely MbyMJ line because it was reminiscent of
    MJ Tere line, but I can't stand non-tonal stitching
    e.g. [​IMG]
    2. Patent
    I generally think all patent is tacky. I have one pair of patent heels that made me
    open my mind a bit. I might have to consider this bag:
    3. No Shoulder Strap
    The only bags that break this condition are evening clutches. Every single other
    bag I own has a big enough drop for shoulder carrying. I carry to much weight to
    not use my shoulder.

    I know my mom's only criteria is that a purse must be divided into two or more sections. I don't need that, although it can make life easier.

    So, what are your deal breakers?
  2. i dont like stitching that contrasts too much either.
    i dont like big metallic bags because i find them tacky.
    patent is okay if its a smaller bag and if there was maybe some quilting to it.
    i use to not like heavy bags because im weak and even non heavy bags hurt my shoulder after awhile. now that i found mj... that just doesnt apply.
  3. :goodpost::goodpost:

    my personal deal breaker, first and foremost, is contrast stitching. i think it cheapens a look. except on my teal mayfair which has blue stitching and somehow it works (but the color is more of a similar stitching than contrast i think).

    secondly- silver hardware.

    everything else i will consider. :tup:
  4. Your Mayfair doesn't sound like a deal breaker to me. I think complimentary color stitching is in a different category from contrast stitching. Usually to me contrast stitching is white/light stitching on a dark/colored bag (or dark stitching on a light bag) :yucky:
  5. I never really thought about it but I don't really like contrast stitching either. At least not on a black leather bag.

    I love wearing bags in the crook of my arm or in my hand but I have to have the option of putting it over my shoulder.

    I love love love my MBMJ Dr. Q Groovee but it borders on being a little too heavy. I can only use it for a few days in a row. I would love to have a MJ Blake bag but I think it's too heavy. So weight is a deal breaker.
  6. Dealbreakers for me on regular size bags are:

    No inside pocket
    No outside pocket/pockets (exception being an open top like a tote)
    Bag doesn't sit/rest properly
    Complex annoying closures
    giant bags (personal thing)
    too much stuff hanging off them
    certain colors
  7. oo another one. the purse has to fully close on the top or at least have a large compartment that zips up all the way. i dont like having just a snap or having it open at the top. i dont want people to be able to stare into the content of my purse or easily swipe something.
  8. Yeah, I get that one. There's the fear of bird poop in the open air arena or the ever present falling lunch/drink spilling syndrome.
    Plus good old classic thievery.

  9. haha i love the unlikelyhood of the bird poop. now im gonna make sure i close up my bag outside and especially walking under trees/phonelines...
  10. My dealbreakers also include the fully closing thing. If you ride on crowded public transit it's just necessary.
    If a bag doesn't have enough structure to sit up when I put it down, that is a dealbreaker.
    Also tackiness/busy-ness. My bag does not need to look like a Claire's store exploded on it. One or two standout elements is enough.
  11. I think for me the main dealbreaker would be the weight possibly followed by shoulder straps. My bags have to be practical so as pretty as it is if its going to weigh a ton, I'll pass and I have passed up a few rare/htf/gorgeous MJs for that reason.
  12. In short - Monograms or any bag where the print on the leather/fabric on the outside seems more important/obvious than the design KWIM.

    Straps that come off your shoulders all the time.
  13. The deal breaker for me is the bag's structure --- I hate slouching, especially if the bag isn't stuffed. Next would be contrast stitching. And the rest I think I can tolerate on a case by case basis.
  14. ^^ shape shifters-- good one.

    i had to return a quilted bowler because she couldnt hold her shape :sad: and then the dr. groovee satchel too. cute stuffed, not on (at least for me) i prefer a more structured bag.
  15. Deal breakers:

    -Magnetic snap closures that are poorly located. They demagnetize my subway tickets and other stuff. Found this out the hard way when Botkier switched to them. They put these magnet closures RIGHT behind the pocket that is supposed to fit your credit cards and subway tickets. Hello, design flaw! SO AGGRAVATING.

    -Any top closure that leaves most of the top of the bag open. Like hobos that close with only one snap or magnetic closure (see also above). I don't like my bag hanging open, thank you! Generally I prefer a zip top closure but I will consider buckles etc as long as the top of the bag is not open at all.

    -Cheap looking leather. NO THANK YOU! If I am paying tons of money for a handbag, the leather better be gorgeous and feel soft and nice. (Note that I will make an exception occasionally for patent leather, which I don't think is always tacky, only sometimes when it's not done right.)

    My goodness! I'm high maintenance, aren't I? :smile: