Handbag Cookie Jars from Horchow

  1. Thought these were sooooo cute! Had to share with my tPF buddies....
  2. HeHeHe!!! :lol:

    They are cute! :nuts:

    Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  3. I saw those and thought they were cute, too. And you thought to post and share. Thanks!
  4. so adorable! my bestfriend would love this since she loves baking AND handbags.
  5. They're adorable! I love the leopard one!
  6. Hon, that is too much!! I love them both! :love:
  7. My 2 favorite things.... Handbags & Cookies:shame:
  8. For only $24.90!! You can't beat that!
  9. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing and the price isn't bad either.
  10. Aww how cute!
    My mom loves the Horchow catalog..she's bought so much from there lol. One thing I remember is the beaded butterfly table runner for the dining room table. That thing is HEAVY with all the beadwork. Oh and also a couple of little Jay Strongwater frames and this butterfly tray, teacup and spoon. I forget who those are buy but they're SO delicate and pretty.
  11. OMG! I love it! I've never heard of Horchow before. Ill have to go check them out.
  12. It's a Neiman Marcus company :yes: