Handbag collection

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  1. Hi i am new here, am I have been having great fun looking around - I just wondered if their was a thread where members could share their collections - and new goodies they have brought. I have some pics of my handbag collection , and would love to share...

    can we make a possible thread???? would members be interested???

    I mainly have LV bags, but think I need to broaden out:biggrin:
  2. Hi kimmy,

    such a feature is in the works, I'm actually integrating a whole gallery with the boards so all you wonderful ladies can share your collections.

    Give it another few days!
  3. There is a post around here called "what was your purchase " u can do a search and find it
  4. Nice job Vlad :biggrin: Looking forward to it@!
  5. yay that would be great !!!