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  1. Over at PurseBlog, we started a new series called Closet Confessionals in which we examine how readers and TPFers afford their bag addictions. Read about it in this intro article and submit your own confessional here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. Hi i am new here, am I have been having great fun looking around - I just wondered if their was a thread where members could share their collections - and new goodies they have brought. I have some pics of my handbag collection , and would love to share...

    can we make a possible thread???? would members be interested???

    I mainly have LV bags, but think I need to broaden out:biggrin:
  2. Hi kimmy,

    such a feature is in the works, I'm actually integrating a whole gallery with the boards so all you wonderful ladies can share your collections.

    Give it another few days!
  3. There is a post around here called "what was your purchase " u can do a search and find it
  4. Nice job Vlad :biggrin: Looking forward to it@!
  5. yay that would be great !!!
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