Handbag cleaning


I LOVE Penguins
Oct 28, 2005
I don't know if someone has posted about this topic but I am curious to know how everyone takes care of their bags and what is done to keep it looking new?
I usually take very good care of my bag. I try not to let it touch the floor and not have any stains on. I also rotate my bags monthly to extend its "life" so I won't wear down a bag so fast.

If I'm not using the bag, they are ALWAYS in its original dust/sleeper bag and being put away in my closet. I also stuff the bag with tissues and papers to retain its original shape.
Handbag cleaning? My collections are mostly LVs. So just mild soap & water on the coated mono canvas (avoiding the leather parts of course). Most of the time I try not to put them on the floor or on dirty tables (the usual). The Damier & Epi lines are somewhat different though (I'm alittle bit less careful with them).

I rotate my bags too. Not really rotate...more like using a bag that matches my outfit? hehe