handbag charms-HELP!

  1. Hi!

    I'm interested in buying a larger number of handbag charms. Do you have any leads on the manufacturer or distributor of fashionable handbag charms?

  2. I soppose it all depends on what you want them to look like and how much your budget is. I don't know much on the subject, but I've seen that Coach and Prada have some very cute charms. However, these can be quite expensive so you might want to just get one very nice one and some other inexpensive ones. Hope this helped (at least a little)! :shame:
  3. How many is a large number?
    What do you want them to look like?
    What materials do you want them made of?
    What are they for?

    I have made custom ones for friends in the past (I make jewelry), and might be able to make them. Let me know....
  4. Try hanging funky neckaces or pearls from your bag-- it doesn't have to be a charm! Elegant ribbons work too.