Handbag charm to help support tPF?

  1. Did anything ever come of this? I would love to see any designs people came up with!
  2. That's a really good idea. I would definitely buy one!
  3. I was wondering this myself.... I would really like to purchase one.
  4. I'd also buy something like this. I love hanging charms off my bags and phone. Was there a thread dedicated to this before? I must have missed it! What kind of shape would people want? Like a little purse, maybe, a la Coach's handbag cell phone charm? Or something a little more abstract?
  5. I'd definitely buy one, now we just need some talented gal to design one ! :biggrin:
  6. Yes-I would definitely buy one also and I am sure a lot of other ladies would too! The profits could go to the board
  7. I'd definetly buy one just for memories even though I don't like putting anything to my bags.
  8. what are the basic elements everyone wants on the charm?
  9. There was talks of this... maybe it can still work! I need to talk to some of the jewlery designers about it on here :flowers:
  10. This sounds great! I would buy one. Doesn't Japster design jewelry? Maybe she could help.
  11. I was thinking about something like this too.
    The charm should have may be TPF engraved or symbol on it. I think it's great so we can identify another TPF member when we are out and about because we carry handbag all the time.
    Just an idea..I think # 2 is the easiest to make
    charm1.gif charm2.gif charm3.jpg charm4.jpg
  12. Someone PM Japster, I bet she could come up with something gorgeous!
  13. oooh, bagsnbag, I really like the one on the left, that's cute!
  14. So I think it is fine I follow through on tPF handbag charm- my PM box was all deleted recently so I lost any correspondence about it all! So those of you who are interested and are designers, let me know!!! :cutesy:
  15. I can easily make one. I'll draw some things up and post pics in a little bit.