Handbag CAKES!!!!! Check this out!!!

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  1. I don't know whether this has ever been posted before; I just discovered it today while I was supposed to be shopping for my wedding cake;) , but I thought they were so cool! I'm sure my fiance would have a fit if I wanted to use one as a wedding cake (haha!), but maybe for my birthday! I like the paddington the best!!!!:biggrin:

  2. Now I tried this link earlier and it worked fine. If you cant get it to open and have the time, just go to the main site within the link and navigate around. Hope you guys can get it open and if not, I'm sorry for getting this started and it not working!:sad:
  3. Very nice! I went to this site when I was designing my own wedding cake too. It's not hard if you practice a lot moulding plasticine. But then you have to paint them....
  4. Jill had one for her bday.. i think it was an LV speedy or something... her hubby got it for her.. hehe
  5. Those are so cool! I think the paddy one looks the best. Too bad my b-day isn't until March.
  6. I've seen handbag cakes before by other bakers but look at that gaucho! It looks like you can almost wear it! :biggrin:
  7. The Paddington looks like it's a real bag! And the gaucho is great too!! What a perfect b-day cake!!
  8. ok Im so going to get this for my coming bday!!!
  9. I'm a March baby too and when I showed my mother this link, she reminded me my b-daywas 9months awat(the 11th). I said after seeing these, it is never too early to start planning!! :biggrin:
  10. Check out the designer handbag cakes on www.confetticakes.com. Those are my inspiration! She even made a cake coated in faux diamonds for Kimora Lee's birthday (made entirely out of sugar!)
  11. Those handbag cakes are incredible too!!! And the ipod pictured with the Coach bag-so cool! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to take a closer look at the wedding cakes (what I'm supposed to be looking for:P ), but now I'm ready for my bday! I'm turning 30 in March and I think I need a very special cake!!:biggrin:
  12. oh i wounder if they taste as YUMMY as they look!! :heart:
  13. mmmm cake now i'm hungry