Handbag Cake for MOM! Totally cute...but $190!! Neiman's

  1. looks yummy:drool:
    but yeah..too pricey though
  2. wow!it's hot bag!
  3. Now that is funny.

    But geesh, you could get a real bag for close to that price.
  4. Really cute, but I also would rather have a real bag
  5. wow, cake mix, frosting, eggs...... $5-6 ??????? Thats ALOT of moolah for a cake.......
  6. I think moms totally worth it!:yes:
  7. For that price there should be a real bag inside of it!

  8. Thanks :smile:... I hope someone gets me one then! hehe. But seriously, I would just try to make it myself. It's the thoughts that count.
  9. that's so funny.
  10. Love it. But I dont get the price either, thats way too much for a cake!
  11. Lovely cake, and a wonderful gift for your mom!
  12. It actually looks pretty easy to make -- one sheet cake, on its side, cut into the bag pattern, and marzipan details with fondant for the icing.

    Piece of cake! LOL
  13. thats super cute.. but 190 for a CAKE? It better taste reeeally good :yes:
  14. My bakery made one for me for under 50 dollars last year..It looked like a MC LV speedy..LOL