Handbag Book with Coach reference!!

  1. O.K., I should and will most likely post this on the discussion of other things thread (sticky?)...but I just had to get this on here for all us Coach lovers, and also for our love of all things purses!!

    I was at Border's Bookstore (love them) and they had the cutest book....HANDBAGS..THE POWER OF THE PURSE,

    It was the cutest little book, with loads of interesting stuff all about purses..the history, many different interesting pictures, etc.. Here is a pic of the front...


    There is also one on shoes.........


    They are definitely worth having...Amazon has them cheaper than Border's.

    By the way, is it o.k. for me to be posting these images? I should read and see what our rules are...and what is legal and not legal. These are from Amazon's website.;)
  2. it's fine since you credited the sourse:yes:
    Is this a Coach thing, or a handbag thing?
  3. Actually, both, Swanky Mama!! There was a page on Coach...very interesting.. and maybe another, because I didn't go through all the pages...but really, the book is for everyone on this forum!! After all, the cover is of a Hermes!! I thought about putting this on another thread/sticky as well...any suggestions?
  4. Interesting, and entire book about purses. Gotta love that, thanks for sharing. :smile:
  5. NO, don't re-post it. . . we prefer not to have duplicates.

    Looks like a great book:yes: but since it's not Coach specific I'll move it to Handbags and Purses, that'll cover them all! :biggrin:
  6. This book is my absolute favorite of several handbag books I have. Lots of history plus great color photos!:tup: