Handbag and Wallet LoVe Combo

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  1. What is your purse & wallet combo?

    Here are some of mine!

    Sofia Coppola with an indigo epi Sarah [​IMG]

    Epi Brea MM in Ivory with the Gris epi zippy wallet [​IMG]
  2. Here is my current combo. Black Antheia Iris with the Mahina Iris wallet in Grenat [​IMG]
  3. My combo :smile:
  4. Love them all!
  5. beautiful! thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  6. Looove your combo!! :biggrin:
  7. Thank you! I love the mc noir wallet!
  8. Love this wallet - such a happy, cheerful color! And I bet it's easy to see in a black bag.
  9. Love them..Love them...:woohoo:
  10. Mc alma and blue lagoon zippy! Perfect for summer
  11. lovely combos!
  12. Great collection! I have two Compact Zippy wallets (in mono and DE), and I just tend to mix and match them with all of my bags, since I think that they all go together pretty well.
  13. Love my matchy matchy bag & wallet but really want more SLGs.

  14. Love! :love:
  15. image-1161605717.jpg