Handbag 'Alterations'

  1. Like many bag lovers...I have bags stashed in my closet that I haven't used in a while for one reason or another. Bored with what I've been carrying (and not having made a successful new purchase), I was rummaging through my closet and pulled out a couple of bags that saw regular duty a few years back. I had one all loaded with my stuff when I realized I was really annoyed the length of the straps.
    I am intending to take these in somewhere to see about getting the straps shortened (perhaps Nordstroms if they still do it, as that is where I bought the bags). I think it would be worth it as they are good quality bags (HCL..very popular here a few years back and retailing at that time in the $300-500 range). BUT....I'm wondering if anyone here has ever done such a thing with any of your bags and what your experience was. I know once they are shortened, there's no turning back! The only other work I've ever had done on a bag was having one re-lined. It was also an HCL (yeah..I bought a lot of them back then!) and Nordstrom sent it off to Germany and it came back with a pristine new lining and all polished up and looking fab. :biggrin:

    Thank you, ladies!
  2. I'm sure a quality leather repair place could help you with the shortening/lengthing option. I don't know if you're in CA, but there's a great place in Orange County, Factotum that a lot of stores like Nordstrom send their repairs out to. The people there are helpful and they have several locations throughout Orange County. their number is 1-877-322-8688.
  3. Good to know! :biggrin:

    I have a drawstring Ghurka with a really long strap. I would love to have it shortened so I could utilize the bag.
  4. A couple of months ago I saw a vintage HCL bag being carried and it still looked great!!

    Do u know of any dept. stores still carry them on the West Coast?
  5. I've altered my bags... since I can make bags and have a sewing machine and rivet machine... I can alter a few things. Flat handles are easy to shorten... rolled satchel handles will be a mess and are better left alone.
  6. The last I knew of was Nordstrom (where I had always purchased mine) but I haven't seen them there in some time. I heard somewhere that the line is no longer available in the states.

    The bags age gracefully. Mine still look great. There is only one I haven't really used. It was a drawstring style that just didn't work for me and I never got around to returning it. But all my others have been well loved and still look great.

    You can find them readily on Ebay. I picked up one there once in a color I'd never had. I got it for less than $50 because it was definitely used but still had a lot of life left in it, and I get compliments whenever I carry it. You might want to give that a whirl.
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