Handbag addicts - but does it need to be a brand name handbag?

  1. As you know, most of the people who visit this forums or member of this forums are handbag addicts, right?
    However, do you really care with what brand it is? If yes, why? Why do you care so much?

    I've travelled to Asia before and when I was there I just bought a nice bag with nice models regardless of the brand name (Perhaps because there're lots of cute bags in Asia with cheaper price than in the U.S). I don't really care whether it is Gucci, LV or Chanel. Even people surround me also carrying regular type of bags.

    In Tokyo though, it's different. You can see a lot of people walking carrying Gucci, LV, etc.

    Then, in the U.S, it's more tempting to get a brand name bag. Is it because U.S doesn't have lots of choices on regular bags? Or is it because the regular bags price (that have cute shape) in the U.S is expensive?
    Or is it because people in the U.S have high level of income? (Compare with people from different part of this world).

    Do you think people love brand name bags because they live in a country where there's less criminal and economy is stable which makes them able to afford high class products?
  2. and I would like to know which country has less criminal activity cause I think crime is pretty rampant everywhere....:yes:
  3. ^
    Erm, many countries have lower crime rates than the US. F.ex there's no chance of getting your purse stolen on the streets here, but I know that is the case in some other countries.

    OP_: I think a lot of the people who come here are label addicts more than anything, just take a look in the designer sub forums. ;)
  4. true, but it can still happen anywhere. where are you?
  5. In the U.S you can wear anything you want and walk in the streets freely without afraid of getting your bag stolen except for certain area. However, in another part of the world, eventhough it's a BIG city, you can't wear anything you want. Not that you can't but there's more of insecure feelings that you get if you wear anything expensive, you know what I meant?

    I know most people in this forum are label addicts, including me lol. It's just a thought okay :biggrin:
  6. not true. I was held up and kidnapped at gunpoint 20 years ago in one of the safest neighborhoods in southern California. crime can happen anywhere.
  7. ^seriously?? Sorry to hear that. But is it because of what you wear though??
  8. no it was more that I had $4000 on me on my way to the bank after work.
  9. Oh...so may be they're eyeing on you because of your money then.

    Hm just a thought again, I believe that lots of people on this earth love brand name products.
    However, how people value certain brand name products are different in each country.
    e.g: In the U.S you value Chanel, LV a lot. Some people think that those who carry Hermes, Chanel, LV means they have lots of money.

    However, in different part of this world, even LV, Hermes, Chanel is still #1 brand but they're more attracted to Guess and such - may be because Guess is more affordable??? I don't know...
    People think that if they wear that brand of clothes, it means you got lots of money.

    It's just kind of diversity
  10. it was the money of the record store I worked for. I was taking it in a little leather pouch businesses use to take money to the bank. point being that criminals are opportunists and they exist everywhere.
  11. Its hard to make a blanket statement about what people value and why they value it. many have tried in this forum to get a general consensus of how people perceive luxury items and the people who own them. Everyone is different and has different reasons for owning certain brands. You will be hard pressed to find just one answer that fits all here.:yes:
  12. For me...it was the fact that my other bags that I spent money on would fall apart so quickly....yearly combined cost would get a designer brand..so I decided to buy 1-2 good bags compared to 4-5 others....

    Its not all about the designer name...its about quality and the history of the brand too for me. It does give it a kick when its one of the great fashion house for sure...but to fork up the money...I have to love the product....

    Economy does have influence on different regions regarding brands...it might be more accessable in more ways here than other states....cant be sure though....but I think Europe is more about brands than US in my opinion.....

    I like what I like, in the end, and its logical and sensible to me....
  13. Scandinavia. =) A couple of years ago Scandinavin countries, singapore and Japan were considered the safest travel destinations in the world and there's little crime at all.
  14. Which 'other parts of the world' are you thinking of where you cant wear anything you want because you will feel insecure??

    If criminals see an oportunity to mug/rob you, they will do it whether you are are suited and booted with a briefcase with a £50 note sticking out of your pocket, or a tramp who has just got lucky by finding a £20.

    I think the question about why people 'care' so much whether a bag is high-end/low-end, $1000,$50 or whatever, is quite a personal one, and they shouldnt have to justify their spending habits to anyone here.