Handbag accessories..so handy..what do you use?

  1. Bag accessories are great in that they help keep you organized and your bags clean. Here is what I use:

    First is my Chameleon insert. This is a small size in chocolate and it is wonderful. All of my stuff stays compact, the lining of my bag stays clean and it is a snap to change bags. These are found at www.chameleoninserts.com , mine was around $20.

    Second, here is my key hook. It hooks onto the side of my handbag, the keys dangling inside, the decorative part stays outside. You can always find your keys, even in the dark. You can get these on eBay and at retailers, one brand is Finders Key Purse. www.finderskeypurse.com but they do not sell retail online.

    And third, this is my purse hook, great for keeping your bag off of a dirty restaurant floor. I found mine on eBay.

    What handbag accessories do you use?
    Chameleon-out-2.JPG Chameleon-inside-2.JPG Keyhook-2.JPG PurseHook-2.JPG
  2. I also have the Chameleon and a purse hook (different than yours though) but no key hook (I'm going to look into that now). I will try to post pics later.
  3. Here are mine:

  4. i have 7 lv purses,each per day....hihi
  5. Hey Lady- I just purchased a key finder thingy from eBay. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. i use a purseket, but only in my speedy. i also use purse hooks - love them!
  7. I use my med purseket, makes it so easy to switch purses. For my keys I use a trigger snap key fob from Coach - they come in tons of colors so I can match them to things and hook on to everything.
    I have to look into the purse hooks.
  8. I was thinking of getting a purse hook. I wish I had had one yesterday. I felt funny hanging my purse on the back of my chair at the restaurant. I would rather have it hanging on the hook from the table where I can see it. Call me paranoid.
    The only accessory I have that I find really helpful for my purse is an LED light keychain. I found a nice, small one for a dollar at Target. It really helps when you're digging around in your purse in the dark.
  9. all great ideas, thanks ladies.
  10. I keep all of my "essentials" wipes, aspirin, Tide pen, etc in an LV Pouchette and switch from bag to bag so I don't forget anything.:smile:
  11. queen- that key thing from coach is so cute! what a great idea. now of course i want one :smile:

    i love my chameleon. i have a small in hot pink and a medium in blue. i love the color of the hot pink but i've been using my medium more. i did purchase a purseket in pink but i have not used it. i don't like it at all, unfortunately.
  12. Judie, is there a big enough difference in the small vs. medium Chameleon? Is it only a height difference?

    I tend toward smaller bags so the small works ok for me.
  13. Thanks for the pics of the Chameleon I think that might be perfect for my Petit Noe.

    I also have a fold up shopping bag I keep in my bag. Mine's got Kuromi. (I got it at the Hello Kitty Store) It's handy for purchases when I am shopping, but it also works if the bag I am using needs a "jacket." If I am flying, or in a restaurant (with a buffet) especially if I am using my Petit Noe (I am babying that vachetta, LOL).
  14. Depending on the bag, I may use a Purseket, a wristlet and/or a small cosmetic bag.
  15. ooh i need one of those purse hooks. I was just freaking out today having nowhere to sit my purse but on the floor !