Hand washing quilted jacket?

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  1. I love my quilted jacket but I can't for the life of me understand why it needs to be dry cleaned. Since it's made of polyester and cotton, can't I just hand wash my jacket very carefully?
  2. I thought the same as you when it came to launder my quilted jacket. I put it through the delicate cycle of my washing machine with Woolite (no fabric softener as it will take away the jacket's waterproofness) and hung it out to dry and it came out perfectly fine. It was a little wrinkled, but I used a steamer to get them out. I would be go about it with caution, though; a friend tried it on hers and the stuffing clumped up and settled to the bottom of each quilted section.
  3. ^ Eep, did she ever get the stuffing to spread out evenly? D'you think scrubbing it very lightly with a brush harm the jacket?
  4. My friend ended up taking it back to Burberry and they gave her a replacement because it was only 6 months old. As far as scrubbing with a brush, I suppose that it would be alright if the brush was really soft. Otherwise, I would afraid that the material might snag.
  5. It's not that expensive to dry clean. I think mine was about $10. For the price of the coat, I wouldn't take the chance of washing it in a washing machine. I get mine dry cleaned every season. Love how crisp it looks nice and clean.