Hand/stand mixer: which and why?

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  1. DH laughs at my thoughts of getting into baking, but I will, too...someday. :P

    I'd like to do more than spoon ready-made tollhouse mix from costco onto cookie sheets.

    Do I need a stand mixer, or is a hand mixer enough for simple stuff? There's only the 3 of us, though I've got enough family to give away any excess.
  2. I just got the kitchenaid stand mixer (artisan) and I'm never looking back. It's so easy and everything blends so nicely. And it is quiet!

    I made my first loaves of french bread!
  3. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the "gold standard." It's more useful than a hand mixer. And it also is more powerful than a hand mixer, so if you are doing dough or anything similar a hand mixer's power won't be able to handle it.
  4. I have both. I have the stand mixer for dough, desserts, etc., while the hand mixer is useful when you want to blend soup, etc. without transferring the contents to a blender...less clean-up :P
  5. If you plan to get serious with baking getting a Kitchenaid is a must. Hand mixers always take twice the time stand mixers do like creaming butter or whipping heavy cream or egg whites plus it's always good to have both hands free as you bake. Other must have items are: oven thermometer (never rely on your oven's thermostat), spatulas in varying sizes, mixing bowls in varying sizes, digital scale and finally, a gas oven....the heat distribution of electric ovens is not so good.
  6. Get the stand mixer, it won't be something you regret. It makes things so much easier than using a hand mixer.
  7. The Kitchenaid stand mixer is awesome! You can use it for so much more than baking! I got the meat grinder attachment, which is completely awesome. I have the pasta attachment, but I have yet to figure out how to make decent pasta.
  8. Kitchenaid stand mixer..the best one ever..
  9. This thread makes me want a stand mixer...:thinking:
  10. I would love one too ladies...<sigh> if only there was more space in this kitchen!
    Every time I see a beautiful tart or cake recipe online, I wish I had the Artisan stand mixer...
  11. I've had a kitchen aid stand mixer for years. the dough hook for bread is the best thing ever. i used to knead dough by hand. i do have a hand mixer which i rarely use it but it is nice to have around for quick smaller batters.
  12. i LOVE my kitchenaid artisan mixer!!!! it's the race car of my kitchen (cause it's red and shiny and powerful of course!). seriously though, you can do anything w/ that thing. it's incredible. get one.
  13. I have a black one and saw a brown on QVC a few weeks ago that I wanted but it's on waitlist. I'm hoping I get it!!! I love the brown one and it matches the color of my kitchen.
  14. I got my brown mixer!!!:yahoo: I'm SO happy!!! The brown is so pretty, now I have to make cookies for Christmas.
  15. I've been baking for 25 years, since I was 3-4 years old, and I've only ever used a handheld mixer. (In fact when I started, we had no mixer... I had to cream butter and sugar by hand... ouch! Often had to enlist Mom's help for that)

    I don't think a stand mixer is necessary at all -- it's a nice luxury purchase for sure, but not necessary. Even when my mom baked professionally for several years, with me assisting, we never used a stand mixer.

    I've used stand mixers in the past, when baking at relatives' homes, and found them useless compared to a hand mixer because they don't scrape the sides of the bowl properly.

    To be fair, I've used a KitchenAid mixer once, and it did work much better than the stand I'd used before. Just not so well that it's worth all the extra $$ and space. I get the same results from a hand mixer.

    I disagree that the gas oven is a gold standard for baking... gas ovens don't distribute heat as well as electric ovens. A gas hob/stovetop/range (so many words for one item!) is far superior to an electric one, yes -- but for an oven, electric is best.