Hand size and Birkins - heavy handed ?

  1. I think I have finially figured out something - it has only taken me 8 years... duh !

    My hands are too big for a 30cm Birkin ! I have long fingered, size 8.5 hands. I just got a 30cm Birkin, carried her for the first time today and found her difficult for me to use, it just was too ackward getting my hands in and out of the Birkin.

    I had wanted to downsize my Birkins to the 30cm, but now it looks like I'll be looking for another 35cm...

    Maybe in chevre or another light weight leather - any suggestions ?
  2. Had to laugh when I saw your post - same thing happened to me (uh huh, took me a few years to figure it out too!)

    I just bought another Birkin 35 - it seems like I go through phases with the Birkins...I love the way they look but I end up selling after a while because they are SUCH a pain for me to carry :sad: The 25 and 30cm are too darn small for my big mitts :biggrin: and the 35's are soooo big and heavy for a handbag...

    I loved my JPG Birkin but hated the fact that it had no inside pockets :sad:

    Wish I could go to Hermes myself and revamp the Birkin!

  3. this might be a silly question, but what is the difference in the drop of the handles between a 30 and a 35? i've a 35 and am hoping to get a 30 at some point. but i have large-ish hands too :blush: more like 7.5 sized.

    thanks :biggrin:
  4. hermeslady, maybe it takes some getting used to, and also the leather may soften, so the bag will be easier to get into. As for the 35, chevre is great, and I've read that epsom, box and vache liegee are light as well. Good luck!
  5. Wow, what interesting observations hermeslady!!
  6. wow..i've never thought about hand sizes and bag sizes..
    i've got fairly small size hands...5.5...i can never get any gloves unless i go for kids' ones :sweatdrop:
    maybe i should stick with birkin 30 then
  7. Nef, I got a small Bagmate for my shoulder birkin, and that made me happy. :yes:
  8. Awwww - that totally makes sense. In that case, I'd definitely shoot for chevre in a 35cm.
  9. Awww! Well you are very tall and I'm sure a 35 will look wonderful on you as well! Love your kitty pic!
  10. Wow I never thought about it.
    I have extremely large basketball hands and I never thought about that dilemma.

    Is it bad to wear the bag with your hand grasping the handle? Is it difficult to keep the bag open and just take your wallet out?

    I hope you find a solution...............
  11. Hm..my hand's are around a 6.5.. and I'm running around with a 20cm :huh: I wonder if I look like a giant!!
  12. This is a great thread,I have small,skinny hands and wrists.I wear a size 3 1/2 wedding ring !I find that bags like the Hac and webb II fit me perfectly.I don't know how people with average and bigger sized hands can carry these styles comfortably.Also I find the 35 way too big for me But I love that size.
  13. HL, you look perfect with your 35cm bags! You have the gorgeous stature to pull it off flawlessly. I don't think your hands are too big for the 30cm, I think you just aren't used to it.

    Ladystara, I'm only 4'10" tall but I also have size 6.5 hands. I have long, slim piano fingers (typical characteristic of a Gemini, BTW). So, height hand and hand size don't necessarily correlate!
  14. I have small hands so a 30 would make sense for me but I ended up with a 35 b/c it looked better with my big hips.....:wlae: :roflmfao:
  15. Could someone measure the drop from the 30cm handles to compare with a drop from 35cm handles?