Hand Painted/Custom LV

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  1. Hello All--

    Please let me know if you know of artists that hand paint on canvas (LV) bags. I have a damaged bag that I would like to customize and I have seen others solve this problem with painted designs.

    Bjtaylor02 has a great YouTube video on this, but does not care to recommend the artist due to lack of communication with another TPFer.

    Please let me know any information you have on this sort of service.

  2. I have seen one on instagram called "Boyarde" - however when I enquired about it, their service is actually quite pricey!
  3. I like Olivia Lambiasi's work (though I think some styles of painting suit Goyard more). She's a Brazilian artist who does everything from jackets, cars, Rolex watches, Chanel bags, Goyard and Vuitton canvas, to Birkins and Kellys.

    Email: contato@olivialambiasi.com.br

    Instagram: olivialambiasioficial

    Images via olivia's instagram:








    She even works on Epi.



    Green Epi Noe totally transformed.

  4. Okay: this is not for me. But some of these designs are totally AWESOME!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  5. I totally dig these.
  6. A few more shots. Personally, this was my favourite among the vintage Vuitton models she's done. Especially the back pocket detail.




    Source: Olivialambiasioficial instagram
  7. Thanks so much! These are all such useful resources! (multiquote not working right now, but thanks to everyone)...

    Would love more suggestions!

  8. I am BEYOND in LVoe with that painted Epi Speedy. That thing is STUNNING!!! Love it so much. Thanks for posting such cool pictures.

  9. You're welcome. :biggrin: It's not for everyone. But I think it's a marvellous way of giving new life to vintage bags looking for a new home. I'd kill to see something on a bright red Epi Speedy.
  10. These remind me of that painted Birkin Kim Kardashian has... :nogood:
  11. http://www.losangelesarthouse.com is another great one. They do "Mon Monogram" style too!
  12. Well that was rude...