Hand-painted bags (after market) - Boyarde, DTLA, Heavenly Concepts, other options? T

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a bag personalized with hand-painted imagery. Possibly a fun portrait of my pup. Just curious if anyone has done this before and if so, were you happy? Immediately as well as long term? Did it wear well? I know that there are naysayers who will think it's crazy to do this. That it will negatively affect resale value. Totally get that, especially if it's monogrammed. That said, I would be using a high quality but reasonably priced bag, not even a premier designer bag like these artists usually work with. And I think if I got something so personal I wouldn't be thinking resale, it would be too close to my ️.
    The three artists I've found so far are: Boyarde, DTLA Custom, and Korey from Heavenly Concepts Devilish Designs. I'm weighing questions of cost, location (I'm in NYC), style, materials, etc.
    Would just love anyone to chime in with any thoughts, advice, experience, etc.
    thanks!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460666274.324816.jpg
  2. If it's your own little darling on the bag you'll never want to sell it ;) What a little sweetie :tender:

    I painted a lovely bag with orchids. I thought the bag was boring whereas in fact I was young and restless. I still love the bag, it's just not as versatile
  3. OMG...what a little doll! If the bag is not too expensive and you won't resell, I'd do it. I love unique, personalized bags. Be sure they capture your little guy's Mohawk...adorable!

  4. The bag details for $359, so I don't feel too worried about it. The artwork could easily cost more than the bag when all is said and done. The funny thing is that these artists typically work on premier designers like Goyard, LV, Hermes, etc.!
  5. You must keep us up to date on the progress ad show us once it's done
  6. Just stopped by to say oh my god!!! Your dog is such a cutie!!! I'm in love!

  7. Aw thanks! I think I'm set on getting the portrait, now just trying to figure out which artist 🤔

  8. I'm sorry I have no advice or experience regarding the painting but I just have to say, YOUR DOG IS ADORABLE! Love his mohawk!!!! I would love to have a bag painted with my 2 dogs. What bag are you thinking of doing this to?

  9. Fillmore is quite the cutie, not that I'm at all biased I'm planning on using this one when it finally comes in. It was a Kickstarter order, and they had some problems pop up so delivery has been pushed back until July...
    http://www.linjer.co/collections/women-totes/products/soft-tote-navy ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460754295.909226.jpg
  10. I do not know about the bag, but how do you ever leave the house without that pup!! I'd want a body carried and have him with me constantly!! Ps, is he a Brussels Griffon?

  11. Thanks! He is a griffon - possibly mixed with something else because he's a little bigger than most, but we got him from a local shelter so no way to know for sure And he does love getting carried in bags with me on the bus and subway! So it only seems fitting to put his portrait on one. I'm thinking with the quote, "Carry me!"
  12. Please do keep us updated with the progress! I have a LV bag that I'm looking to have painted also. And I'm in NYC as well! Orginally I was going to have one of the mural artists I know work on it, but I will have to look into your picks too. I will keep you updated if you like?

    And your pup is absolutely adorable! :heart:
  13. So I just pulled the trigger on the customization! Going through DTLA and I should have the bag I'm using to send to them in the next couple of weeks
  14. please keep my posted as I thought about customzinig one of my bags also!

    Greta dog :smile: