Hand-off my bag!

  1. I just have to vent about this and ask for some advice.
    The first time I took my 28 rigid fuschia chevre kelly out for a trip was a few month ago at a wedding, since it was an out of town trip, all the friends and family that came to the wedding stayed at the same hotel. So one night I took my bag with me to someone else's room and then this person, a woman, just picked it up and started to squeeze the baga and asking all sorts of questions about it, like how much was it and blah blah, I think my heart just stopped, but she was part of the group and I didn't want to yell at her in front of everyone :crybaby:

    And then today at the office, I brought my Birkin with me and a guy friend dropped by and again, squeezed my bag and touched all over it and I was just on edge and about to kick him out :censor: :censor: :censor:

    Ok, so help me, what do you girls do if one of your friends started to do that and how can I stop that person with out begin super mean :throwup:
  2. I feel your pain!!!! A few weeks ago..my aunt was touching and squeezing my kelly..and tried to close the bag w/ the turnlock! I was soooo scared if she was going to scratch the HW..I almost died! :hysteric:
    I didn't know how to react..and I definitly couldn't show my pain!!! I, too do not know what to do in that situation!!!!
  3. lol,... it happens to all of us,... I usually close my eyes!
  4. yeah, I really wanted to just pretend like it was a nightmare and keep hoping time can somehow just fast forward:wtf:
  5. I would just kindly reach for my bag and thank them for the complement at the same time. Inside I would be fuming! That's Hermes for God's sake!
  6. I :wtf: , then I :Push: and then I try not to :crybaby: .
  7. At least you knew them. I've had strangers try that. If asked about the price, I smile and say it was a gift and have no idea:graucho: I suggest they call Hermes and ask:lol: Bet they won't:smartass:
  8. makes me cringe! I have stepped back a few times, as to give them a hint. I really don't feel bad about it. My husband and son know they are not to touch...typing this makes me feel like I should be nicer,....but the bag has to last f o r e v e r
  9. My DH, sometimes PHH, even advises me when not to take the Kelly.
    "Oh, I wouldn't take that to the movies, it might get crushed." Boy, was I shocked, sometimes I don't think he even notices what bag I am wearing, he just knows the Hermes, because I freaked out when I got it. I was on a purse high for several hours.
  10. This is what I do, too. But inside I'm :hysteric: :hysteric: !
  11. I know it happened to me at work...my boss kept asking the price and bothering me all day about my Bolide. Another boss (male) tried on a designer coat I had on and pranced around the office...how embarrassing!! At relatives...one relative told me to put my "big purse" kelly down. Friend...a friend saw my gold 32 Kelly and loved it and started calling it "coachy"...that's crazy!! I don't talk to her that much anymore.
  12. Well sweethearts...I never leave or let go of my "solo H baby" for anyone to get their hands on!!! Maybe you all are just too kind and too bag wealthy. I have to protect the only treasure I have. The only person who has ever touched my Kelly is my hubby.
  13. OMG!! I had that happening before as well, and it happened inside the Hermes boutique!!! I was horrified. Essentially I was checking out a bag and I had my Kelly on the counter. This woman walked in and saw my Kelly on the counter with me next to it. She decided to pick up the bag and examined it. She knew I was staring at her but did nothing. Eventually I had to asked her very nicely for my bag ...
  14. I'd headbutt them.
  15. Or wack them with a 40cm Birkin!! :noggin: