Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz

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  1. Those are cool!
  2. HeavenSent-- you really are always spotting so many new bags!! I love it!
  3. One word for me...Awesome!!!
  4. I just went to that website--the price is right too!!! That second bag is going on my Christmas wish list--I'd been searching for a chocolatey brown bag that I could carry in hand :smile: Good spot Heavensent!
  5. There is a code for an additional 20% off everything. It is pf20. Yay!!!

  6. Heavensent, How come I looked on the website and I can't find the first purse? I love that one and want to buy it!!!
  7. For a change of pace - I do not like these bags at all - too much going on at once.