Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz?

  1. Just wondering who has one of these? Anyone? Do you like it? About a year ago we were talking about these some and now it seems they have sort of disappeared.
    And the website only has the "Spring collection." Interesting. They seem like cool bags. I'd love to know more about them.
  2. I bought one and returned it. It was cute - it just wasn't my style. And the leather did smell sort of funny. I haven't heard a thing about them in months, come to think of it.
  3. I purchased one of their bags a long time ago during a sale that was featured on Daily Candy. The bag was really cute but I ended up giving it away as I never used it.
  4. I have one that I love! I bought it about 1.5 years ago. I wouldn't pay the full price for it though, I got mine for about 70% off so it was probably about $120. I've noticed on the website that it's still only the Spring Collection too, maybe she's no longer designing?
  5. Interesting.....I went to school with a Michelle Frantz, but it's not her. How funny because that's not a very common name!
  6. I've never bought a handbag of hers, but I bought a pair of braided flip flops at 70% off about 2 years ago. I love them! They've held up really well even though I'm quite rough on them. I did notice that she hasn't updated her website in a while, so maybe she is no longer designing.